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Generate New York 2017 Conference Panel Discussion

The seven participants of this panel, in addition to myself, attended this year’s Generate New York conference as a group. This trip was put together by UXPA@Pratt and was paid for by the GSEF Committee. We’ll be discussing some key takeaways and common themes from this year’s conference.


Website Re-design for the Institute of Jazz Studies

The Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University is “the world’s foremost jazz archive and research facility.” To help the IJS make its one-of-a-kind collection even more accessible, our group completed a user-centered redesign of the IJS site.

Team Slice – Re-Designing the Website of the Bronx County Historical Society

This design story documents the process of redesigning the Bronx County Historical (BCHS) website. BCHS presents a wide range of historical materials, is active in fundraising, and hosts monthly public events. It places a great deal of importance on its website in promoting its mission and sharing its resources, but does so in a crowded digital environment. New York City is home to many historical and cultural organizations that are in competition with BCHS for attention and fundraising dollars.

Hispanic Society of America Website Redesign

The DDJJ team proposed a complete re-design of the Hispanic Society of America website, including a completely overhauled information architecture and user interface. Project work included a content inventory, site map, competitive analysis, user research, personas, card sorting, sketches, paper...

IA Works Redesign of the I Need A Library Job Website

IA Works proposed redesigning the I Need A Library Job website. Our goal was to make the website more user-friendly with a greater emphasis on showcasing job listings, allowing more search functions and providing more job hunting and research tools....

Oddball Film and Video Website Redesign Project

Our team selected a website and performed a redesign using information architecture and user design principles. Throughout the semester we created comparative reviews, site maps, user research and personas, sketches, wireframes and a final prototype.