Beacon Calendar: Design and Research

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This project is the result of a semester-long UX design and research project for the Advanced UX Design class taught by Professor Carl Collins. We created a calendar app named Beacon aimed at working professionals with irregular schedules. Beacon will help the user quickly create an event, manage difference types of schedules efficiently, and to be ready in advance for schedules.

Based on the iterative design process, we started with eight user tests and developed our prototype by reflecting our stakeholders’ evaluation and additional user tests. The deliverables include an experience map, an UX proposal, an application wireframe, and a final digital prototype.

Beacon focuses on three features: Schedule Map, Routine Preset, and Time Slot. These features help users create and manage schedules efficiently and read their daily schedule at a glance.

Beacon is available for iPhone and iWatch. Also check out our design story at

Youn Lee
I am in the masters of Information Experience Design, focusing on UX design and front-end development.
PoChun Lin

PoChun Lin

Currently, She is a dual major graduate student at Pratt Institute, New York. Her concentrations are Interactive Art and Information Science with specific emphasis on UX.