My first timeline try: All about Audio Format Development

  • Introduction:

This project explores the development of Audio Format. From the first Phonautograph, designed by 1857, to this nowaday’s music app. In this generation, Opus is designed to handle a wide range of interactive audio applications, including Voice over IP, videoconferencing, in-game chat, and even live, distributed music performances. I myself crushing about Long Play collection, and some people like me, still keep the habit of old fashion times innovation.That arise my curiosity about how did music evolve? So I decided to use my first timeline to describe the development of music formation.

  • About three inspiring visualizations


Edwar Tufte The war of 1812

Although when I first time saw this statistical graphic, without literal describe, I could not fully understand the meaning.

Time-series display could be plain sometimes, especially when the less use of data-link. without unnecessary information, what should we do to create a Timeline more rememberable and different with simple lines? He adds spatial dimensions to this visualize graphic, creates a data over space and time limitation. With multi variant factors, the color use; the dimension display and two groups of data comparison, enhance the readability and multiple presentations the data of history.

Nigel Holmes’s Monstrous Costs

Very attractive, interesting and easy to remember. However, from my perspective, the focus is not clear enough, for many occasions maybe not serious, but truly catch the eyes.

There are many ways to display time trend, this chart remains me try different, even not correct enough, who knows?

Willam Playfair’s time-series chart

Playfair’s charts are really impressive, especially in such earlier time period, he uses charts address many practical problems. The timeline contains much information, use ancient time period methods in the front and at the same time separate the years into different groups to see the trends. Price, Wages,  time period and historic character could easily integration.

●  Lab needed


Milestones in the history of thematic cartography, statistical graphics, and data visualization

Audio Format Timeline Resources 

●  methods used to create visualizations

Easy use storytelling Tool: TimelineJS

●  results/discussion

There is some photo shoots from my timeline, choose some specific innovation.


The title page





After skimming over the music/audio format development by timeline, I find out after a sudden breakthrough of 1877,  innovators improve the format into a mania phase, especially after 1945, the Japanese company creates a really positive environment for music market, not only for South Asian but also all over the world. Sony, Panasonic these kinds of companies really contribute a lot and being accepted by all over the world. For me, I am delighted to have more understanding of how to create a long play record.

●  discussion of future directions.

IphoneX just posted out, we now forced to listen to music without headset… In the future, the media of listening would be smaller or disappear. I believe, people will probably integrate with the environment, not the phone or little machine, this kind of thing will finally in our body or just disappear, people at the same time could enjoy their HiFi either.

I wanna thanks to my classmates: Kieran; XIAXIN and professor. They help me a lot.




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