Category: #infoshow17

Breaking Barriers: An exhibition on race and libraries

Students from LIS 625 Management of Archives & Special Collections will present their work to create the exhibition “BREAKING BARRIERS,” which sheds light on a pivotal period in Pratt Library School’s history, featuring the experiences of 1943 alumna who changed the face of the school forever.

Makerspaces in Action

Students from two SI courses will describe and reflect on their experiences creating makerspaces for adults and children.

Sanger Activist Network Archives

In this current political climate we have created a LOD project using the archives of activists during the Progressive Era. The Archives of Margaret Sanger are the core of this project, and we show her connections, document to document, to activist communities through linkages across siloed archives.

A Glossary of The Art Genome Project

This project demonstrates my mastery of technologies covered in LIS 683-01 in the form of a database-driven website. I chose to create an interactive glossary for The Art Genome Project, the classification system and technological framework that fuels Artsy, a free online resource for art collecting and education.

Identity in LIS

Students from fall 2016’s Identity and Culturally Responsive Practice course will share findings from their scholarship on issues of race, class, and gender within the LIS field and our own SI community. Join us for a presentation and open discussion.

Alexa Study

The Alexa Study was conducted by students under the supervision of Dr. Lopatovska. The study examined 20 Alexa users and their interactions with Alexa via Diary. The study was conducted over the course of 4 days, afterwards students analyzed and summarized data to determine their findings.