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Artists’ Books Holdings

Students: Megan DeArmond and Abigail Purcell Title: Artists’ Books Holdings Abstract: Our project, Artists’ Books Holdings, is an attempt to analyze and visualize data about artists’ books holdings on an international scale. This project was created for Programming for Cultural Heritage (PFCH)...

Visual Literacy in Pre-K Curricula

InfoShow – Visual Literacy in Pre-K Visual literacy is a critical skill that enables individuals to navigate the world of visual media. While the research shows multiple benefits of introducing visual literacy early in life, there is a scarcity of visual literacy...

Welcome Home to the Wild: Orienting Bronx Zoo Visitors to Provide Greater Satisfaction and Comfort

Informed by targeted qualitative research as well as six years of on-the-ground personal observations, this strategic story guides viewers through the current experience of the Bronx Zoo visitor. After identifying pain points and areas for potential, a design solution is proposed in the form of a mobile app. The solution is intended not only to improve the visitor experience, but also to create a feedback channel which will allow further design improvements to be made.

Women Behind the Page and On the Page in Comics: No Longer in Refrigerators?

By using web-scraping tools, I obtained data from fan-curated wikia pages concerning several comic book publishers. By assessing this data at several different points from 1995-2015, I sought to see if the proportion of women writers and artists in the comic book industry was increasing, if women artists and writers tend to more often work on female-fronted titles, and if that changes based on if the title is creator-owned or work-for-hire.

Jay Z’s Brooklyn

This project uses historical materials from the Brooklyn Collection archive on the creation of the Marcy Houses projects to explore themes of community and local history with secondary school students in the Brooklyn Connections program. By exploring current issues around housing through the lens of historical events, this group created a unit of study that engages students in culturally relevant instruction.

LibGuide for Film and Media Preservation

The “LibGuide for Film and Media Preservation” is a centralized location tool to serve the needs of beginning professionals working with and managing moving image media, analog and digital, in information environments such as archives, museum and special collections and libraries. In addition, the resource guide is designed as a supplement to graduate students taking relevant course work in library and informational science coursework, such as film and media collections. The LibGuide includes information resources including encyclopedias, dictionaries, and indexes, selected for their coverage across disciplines including varied topics as preservation, conservation and restoration, film history, and librarianship.

How to Fold a Plastic Bag

This instructional video uses stop animation and principals of good instructional design to teach how to fold a plastic shopping bag into a neat, small triangle.

DIY Linked Data For Cultural Heritage: Structuring useful data using pre-existing tools

This project reports the results of the first nine months of developing linked open data with a small selection of the Whitney’s collection, focusing on the artist and works added to the collection during the founding years (1931-1948) under its first director Juliana Force. It serves as a case study for other institutions interested in developing linked open data projects. This project also demonstrates several practical examples of how linked open data can be used for research and public outreach.

Professional Identity of Librarians

This presentation explores the sociological academic literature on professions to determine if librarianship meets the requirements to be a profession, if library literature supports librarianship as a profession, and why professional self-identification matters.

Community Building & Engagement

This panel explores research and recommendations in community building and engagement at three organizations: the Finkelstein Memorial Library; Pax Gaming Community; and the United States Military, Academic Library, West Point. Special emphasis is placed on social media.

Born-Digital Archiving at the Guggenheim

This project was completed during a year long fellowship at the Guggenheim Library & Archives, where I processed a backlog of born-digital, institutional records. My poster will review the workflow we tested and activated, as well as suggestions for the next steps in processing.

On Forming Identities: Archival Representation and Self-Making in Palestine

This paper will address the extremely influential role of archives in identity formation processes, and will explore how this asymmetry is magnified when considering marginalized, and specifically stateless, communities. This complex relationship will be further explored as it relates to depictions of Palestinians in two unique digital archives.