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Linked Jazz - Tulane viz

Expanding the Linked Jazz Universe

Highlighting contributions to the Linked Jazz project, including the creation of linked data from historical photo metadata and, more recently, performance history data from Carnegie Hall and online jazz discographies.


Website Re-design for the Institute of Jazz Studies

The Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University is “the world’s foremost jazz archive and research facility.” To help the IJS make its one-of-a-kind collection even more accessible, our group completed a user-centered redesign of the IJS site.

Images of T. Leary incomplete video games from NYPL collection

Using Forensic Tools in Born Digital Archiving

This paper examines the hardware and software tools (write blockers, kryoflux drive, AccessData, FTK) used in law enforcement for forensic analysis and how these tools have been adopted by archivists for born-digital archiving. It explores how these tools were used when NYPL acquired Timothy Leary’s estate which included over 375 floppy disks. The paper also briefly touches on some of the current challenges of archiving google docs, twitter feeds and emails.

image from DPLA exhibition homepage

DPLA Exhibit – American Aviatrixes: Women with Wings

The project is a digital exhibition created as part of the DPLA’s Digital Curation Program and part of Professor Rabina’s course “Information Services and Sources.” The exhibit explores courageous women who took to the skies to find freedom during the first half of the 20th century.

Library Leadership

This is a paper that I wrote about library leadership that describes the definition of leadership, qualities of a leader, goals of a leader, and the difference between a leader and a manager.

Community Engagement in Library, Museum, and Non-Profit Settings

The panel explores community engagement across three different sites: Peterborough Town Library (NH), Skyscraper Museum (NYC), and Seeds of Peace (NYC). Presenters discuss their research into users at each of these sites and make recommendations for increasing engagement using social media and other strategies.

How Libraries Lobby: Investigating Lobbying Practices in the Public Library

Recent scholarly work has advocated for the library to become a center for civic engagement, but has focused on providing unbiased information to the public rather than advocating for specific political viewpoints. This project argues that libraries must instead shift towards grassroots lobbying in order to effectively combat threatening legislation.